I remember that day when I opened my eyes to Ahmed’s voice shouting my name. Ahmed was my roommate back then when we did our bachelors in India. His voice was different that morning, it was full of fear. I jumped out of the bed and ran towards his room. Standing at the door, I could see him in his pajamas holding his phone in his bed. I came closer and asked “what is the matter?”, without saying anything he showed me a video. There was a view from a window in that video. I was sure I knew that view. It was a mountain called Fajatan. Few seconds later, there was this huge explosion caused by a missile ,the glasses of the window in the video shattered and I could hear women, children, and even the guy who was taking the video was screaming. It was a shocking sight. For a few seconds I couldn’t believe, more like I didn’t want to believe. Suddenly I remembered my only sister who was working in a company right behind that mountain. Everything went black .I didn’t know what to do, being so far across the ocean made it even worse. I couldn’t do anything. I ran back to my room picked my phone and called her, but she didn’t pick up. I called my mother and asked her “did you hear anything from my sister?” she tried to calm me down and said she will be back safe. I was panicking going from one room to another.

In my mind, that video was playing on and on and the picture of my sister driving through all the noise, the crowd, and the dead people on the road. Maybe someone would try to get in the car to run away.

All these thoughts kept rushing in my mind. Till my mobile rang. and It was her.

I was so relieved to see her name and I picked up the phone in tears. “Hello” she said, I asked her “Are you okay?! Where are you?! Did you reach home?! she told me she just reached the house. I could sense the fear or maybe the shock in her voice that she was trying to hide, but I was just too happy to know she was safe and sound at home. for the rest of the day we heard terrible news, people lost their families others lost their houses others had missing relatives in that area. We received many horrifying pictures and videos. We had our final exams in India the same week this incident happened. We couldn’t study or even go to the final tests. I looked at Ahmed that night, his eyes were full of tears his family’s house in Yemen was totally wrecked. I sat beside him and gave him all the support I could. It was a horrifying day that I would never forget.

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