On the 11th of May 2015, I was reading one of my favorite books, I just have to tell you that I am not a big fan of reading but it’s the only thing we could do back then. I grabbed my cup of coffee or maybe tea-I actually don’t remember but I was drinking something and started sipping it. It was almost five o’clock and my father had a guest in the living room, they were probably chewing Qat and smoking Hookah.

Then all out of a sudden, I heard military air-crafts coming toward our neighborhood, and then I heard (wooooush –woooooush) the bombs falling from the sky like hailstones. Meanwhile, my father ran into our bedrooms checking on us. My sister jumped from a window to another to see what’s happening, my pregnant sister in law was crying and thought she would give birth that moment, my mom was screaming and trying to keep us all close to her. We were all siting together afraid of the dropping bombs and the loud air-crafts, and then my mom asked me “where is Shady?” – my older brother - I replied “I don’t know, he is probably with dad and his guest”. I went to check on my older brother and he was not there and my father’s guest was also not there, meanwhile, my father was trying to call my older brother and I heard him saying under his breath in a desperate tone “please pick up the phone, please”,

I realized that my brother was not there, fear crept into my body and I started shaking.

“where is shady?” I asked my father, “I sent him to the supermarket to buy some things for me” my father said. My mom was standing behind me and heard him saying that, she started crying and saying “My son, my son, why did you send him out there? Why?” and at the same exact moment we heard someone knocking the door, I ran out quick and opened the door. We were all relieved when we saw him, my brother.

We sat all together in the living room waiting for the moment when a bomb falls on our house and we die together, it was the scariest feeling I have ever felt. My father picked up his phone and started calling the guest he had. The guest-Mohammed-panicked and left our house after he has gotten a phone call from his terrified wife. My father kept calling him, but no answer.

I looked at my mom and she was pale and terrified so I went to the kitchen to bring a cup of water for her. While I was on my way to the kitchen, I heard an extremely loud sound it was like the sky was falling, I looked to the window and the sky was all red, for a while I thought that It was the end of the world. I heard one of my neighbors screaming and saying “Allahu Akbaaaar” and then I realized it was a missile after seeing the flare of it in the horizon. I screamed loud “A missile is coming” ,squatted and covered my head with my hands and then KAAAABOOOOOM the missile hit the canyon right next to my house “Nukoom canyon”. I felt the hot blown air on my shivering body and then I went deaf for five seconds. It took me a minute to comprehend what was happening. Everyone in the house was screaming, we saw death at that moment, I saw my life passing right in front of my eyes. Then, we all went to our closets we packed our stuff and left to my aunt’s house that lives in the suburbs.

On our way to my aunt’s house, the things we saw are unforgettable. It was a total chaos People were leaving their homes and everything behind; They were running from death. The canyon was burning and the weapons’ warehouses in that canyon were burning. I would never forget that day which is part of who I am today.

This is the explosion that Alaaddin was referring to.

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