War experiences told by the people who lived them.

Frequently asked questions - FAQ

What is Uncloak?

Uncloak is a website that was made to help people living in war zones throughout the world to share the stories, incidents, and experiences they had living in those countries.

How did Uncloak start?

Uncloak started as an idea back in January. I heard tonnes and tonnes of different stories from all kinds of different people, and so I thought that the stories those people had must be shared with the rest of the world. So I kept making different designs (Three designs) and finally settled on this look (Forth design).

Why did you name it Uncloak?

The name I chose was Anekdota which is a Greek that literally means ( Unpublished private story), but the name was already taken by many websites and groups everywhere. I had to choose a name, so I asked my friend Alaaddin to help me with choosing a name. We thought of a bunch of names and later settled on Uncloak.

TL;DR > All the cool names were taken.

Are you affiliated with any party or organization?

No, we're not. neither the founder nor any of the authors is affiliated with any party or organization. And in case someone is, he or she isn't allowed to write based on his/her political beliefs. Uncloak's sole purpose is ,and will always be, to share the stories of ordinary people living in war zones regardless of their religion, gender, race, color, or political beliefs.

Why is Uncloak in English and not in Arabic?

The targeted audience of Uncloak are non-Arabs. Since Arabs already live in the region and hear different stories from refugees or at least from the news. So, it's only common sense to make the website in English to reach the most amount of people as possible.

Will Uncloak ever provide Arabic content or even a whole Arabic site?

Yes, it will.


Not soon...

(For Devs) How did you build Uncloak?

Uncloak was built from scratch like many sites with HTML, CSS, and tiny bit of Javascript. It is powered with the amazing static Jekyll ,ummm, tool. (I think you can call it tool, since it isn't a library nor a framework)

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